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The purpose of this website is online documentation which should be accessible for every interested user. Therefore this website does not involve marketing research, tracking, advertisement, or mandatory newsletter subscriptions. For general information on how Phoenix Contact protects your personal data, see the Data Protection Declaration.

Nevertheless, on your first visit on this website you will see a Cookie Consent dialog. The only cookies that this website wants to set are necessary to provide the so-called "breadcrumbs" navigation at the top of each topic, and to save topics the user bookmarks as a "Favorite". We ask you for your consent to those cookies.

Videos embedded from YouTube

For embedded tutorial videos there is an additional set of cookies from YouTube. Most of them are meant for marketing purposes so you can deny them in the initial settings. Only one YouTube cookie is necessary for properly loading the Info Center interface.

We ask for your consent to that single YouTube cookie for the moment, and we are working on a better solution to handle third-party cookies.

Personal settings

You can always review and change your current settings in the consent management tool by pressing this button:

Check and change your cookie consent

This dialog box is available on every page in this website via the Privacy link in the page footer.