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The following devices are certificated according to IEC 62443-4-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 Full ML3 Process Profile and therefore subject of this PLCnext Security Info Center:

Product Product Type Firmware version Item no.
AXC F 1152 PLCnext Control 2022.0.4 LTS or newer 1151412 
AXC F 2152
with extension module 
PLCnext Control 2022.0.4 LTS or newer 2404267
PLCnext extension module  - 2403115
AXC F 3152 PLCnext Control 2022.0.4 LTS or newer 1069208

AXC F XT SPLC 1000 (SPLC 1000)

Safety-oriented control for operating PROFIsafe® devices 01.01.0000 or newer 1159811
AXC F XT EXP PLCnext extension module - 1139999

The procedure for safe commissioning is illustrated using the AXC F 2152 as an example. Information deviating from this can be found in the chapter of the respective controller.



Each PLCnext Control comes with its own hardware documentation. In addition to the user manuals, there are other documents such as data sheets and change notes that you can download from the respective product page. 

Device PDF document Product documentation Current change notes Additional documentation
AXC F 1152

User manual

(encompasses all
AXC F x152 devices)

Product page Change notes Axioline F: System and installation user manual (UM EN AXL F SYS INST),
 Axioline F: Diagnostic registers and error messages user manual (UM EN AXL F SYS DIAG),
Industrial Security user note (see download section on product page)
AXC F 2152 Product page Change notes
AXC F 3152 Product page Change notes

(SPLC 1000)

User manual Product page Change notes  
AXC F XT ETH 1TX Data sheet Product page    

The engineering tool for PLCnext Control devices, PLCnext Engineer, comes with its own documentation in the form of an embedded help.



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