AXC F XT SPLC 1000 (SPLC 1000)

Note: For further information about the hardware, refer to the product documentation of this controller (item no. 1159811):

Connecting and operating elements

The controller consists of the following components: 


Printing and test mark

SPLC 1000 printing, including test mark:


Diagnostics and status indicators

LED Color Meaning Status Description
FS - Failure State:
Safe state of the SPLC 1000

Error-free operating state of the SPLC 1000 with supply voltage present.

A Failure State is not present.

Red Flashing (1 Hz)

The SPLC 1000 is in the Failure State due to a configuration error in the PLCnext Engineer software.

The SPLC 1000 has switched to the safe state (Failure State).

The SPLC 1000 can be accessed from PLCnext Engineer online.


Remedy the error and perform a project download:

  • Remedy the configuration error in PLCnext Engineer.
  • Download the standard project to the standard controller used.
  • Download the safety project to the SPLC 1000.

A critical error in the SPLC 1000 hardware has occurred and been detected.

The SPLC 1000 has switched to the safe state (Failure State).


Perform a voltage reset:

  • Switch off the supply voltage of the SPLC 1000 and the standard controller for at least 30 seconds and then switch it back on again (Power UP).

Or restart the standard controller in the PLCnext Engineer software:

  • Click the "Reboot the controller" button in the PLCnext Control "Cockpit" editor.


Controller-specific information on the 62443-4-2 compliance list

Note: Requirement EDR3.13 is fulfilled for this PLCnext Control.



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