Periodic security maintenance activities 

You must check regularly:

  • user roles and permissions
  • password complexity rules and password changes
  • firewall settings
  • all security-related settings
  • the product download area for firmware updates
  • the PSIRT webpage for known security vulnerabilities

Security functionality verification

As a system integrator and asset owner, you must use a tool to automatically test interfaces and ensure that security measures are successful. The tool must check: 

  • user and certificates
  • activated system services
  • firewall settings (active rules can be exported and be used to check the measures, for further information refer to the topic Configuring extended firewall settings)
  • extern SD card (encrypted)

Please check the notifications of the security logging, for further information refer to the topics Security logging and Configuring central logging.

IDS tools

IDS tools (intrusion detection systems), e.g. port scan, vulnerability scans: 
It is advisable to use these tools only when the plant is shut down to avoid negative influences on production. Whether IDS tool checks are possible during operation must be clarified by the asset owner or the system integrator on the basis of a risk analysis. 



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