Creating users (combined safety)

For more information on the user management, refer to the general topic Creating users .

Additional safety user roles


There is a special user role for downloading safety programs: the SafetyEngineer. 

Note: You must always assign the SafetyEngineer user role additionally to the Engineer user role, or to another user role that fits your application.; e.g.: 

  • Commissioner user role combined with SafetyEngineer can only download a non-safety project and can work with the safety project.
  • Service user role combined with SafetyEngineer cannot download a non-safety project but can work with the safety project.

As of firmware 2023.0 LTS, safety permissions for the Engineer role are always enabled.

  • If safety programs are used and have to be downloaded, set up this user role. 



Phoenix Contact will provide you with instructions for updating the safety controller on request. You should configure the SafetyFirmwareUpdater user role in advance.




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