Secure disposal 

You must safely decommission the controller so that no sensitive, confidential and/or manufacturer-specific data and software remain on the device. Check the national GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) to comply with and make sure that attackers can’t access confidential security information’s from the deinstalled or disposed devices.

For safe decommissioning, proceed as follows:

  • Before you start disassembling the controller, you must remove all data from the device. To do this, perform a reset 2.
  • Disassemble the hardware as described in the manuals of the respective controllers, taking into account the warnings given there.
     The manuals can be found in the download area of the respective product on the Phoenix Contact website ,
    (e. g. for the AXC F 2152). 

Controller disposal

The controller contains components such as TPM, secure elements, and internal mass storage modules. These components may contain confidential data for which special care has to be taken in to account when a device is deinstalled or disposed. 

  • Do not dispose of the device with household waste.
  • To ensure that no one can recover the data, provide for data-safe disposal in accordance with the applicable national regulations.

Packaging disposal

  • Dispose of packaging materials that are no longer needed (cardboard packaging, paper, bubble wrap sheets, etc.) with household waste in accordance with the currently applicable national regulations.

SD card disposal 

Sensitive data is stored on the SD card. This data can even be restored after reformatting the SD card. To ensure that your data does not fall into unauthorized hands, you should physically destroy the SD card before disposal.

  • Physically destroy the SD card, e.g., by cutting up the SD card.
  • Dispose of the irreparably damaged SD card in accordance with the applicable national regulations.

How to reset the controller 

For information on how to reset the controller, refer to the respective hardware information (e. g. AXC F 2152 ). 



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